Vision No 1

Zero wounded and killed in traffic.

Zero wounded and killed in traffic.

Vision Zero ”Nollvisionen”.
”Ingen ska dödas eller skadas allvarligt till följd av trafikolyckor i Sverige”
No one should be killed or seriously injured in traffic accidents in Sweden
Swedish parliament decided in 1997 to the Vision Zero shall apply to road safety in Sweden.
Vision Zero is based on an underlying ethical principle that “it can never be ethically acceptable that
people are killed or seriously injured when moving within the road transport system. As an ethicsbased
approach Vision Zero functions to guide strategy selection and not to set particular goals or
targets. In most road transport systems, road users bear complete responsibility for safety. Vision
Zero changes this relationship by emphasizing that responsibility is shared by transportation system
designers and road users.
Number of killed in traffic accidents in Sweden
year 1997 = 541

Year 2013 = 264

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