Terms of Service

Data Rights for Advertising/Sponsoring:

  • •  Advertising as of present is based off time (daily, weekly, monthly) and location of the advertisement or sponsorship only.

Future Advertising:

  • • Any information given to advertisers who use Human Voices website for future ad targeting are wide-spread, aggregate, demographical, geographical information, interests, likes, favorites, joined, and recommendations based off on-site preferences.
    • o   These are not individually identifiable per user to advertisers or sponsors, unless users interact with these advertisements or sponsorships. Aggregate results means they don’t see your name or specific profile, but a wide range of characteristics to advertise to. Users are unidentifiable unless they interact with content or interact by going-off site, such as to purchase a product or service.
  • • User data will not be sold to companies or outside parties.
  • • Human Voices Foundation plans to provide a non-advertisement and a non-sponsorship versions of Human Voices website in the future for subscriptions. Human Voices website version with the ad/sponsor is free to use.

3rd Party Advertising Platforms:

  • • For integration with outside advertising platformson our service (such as Google Adsense or other advertising platforms): those parties use cookies and have their own policies.
    • o   Human Voices website may integrate outside advertising for multiple revenue streams.

Independence from Governments:

Human Voices Foundation does not want to exploit users at governmental demand. We disagree with other platforms suppressing speech, dissidence, and information at the request of governments worldwide. Human Voices Foundation aims to be independent.

We aim to bring, as a company policy, awareness to the rights that are impeded by governments in the technological realm.

  • • Any considered contracts with any government entities would be to help with emergencies and to serve the public. Social media can be utilized to serve society better.
  • • Human Voices Foundation will not voluntarily participate in and will resist governmental demands of surveillance, suppressing dissidents, suppressing information, cutting off communication, harming users, controlling users, or warfare.
  • • We are liable to the Danmarks government as priority due to our headquarter location.
  • • We take the Danmark as priority, and will resist restrictive demands of other countries.
  • • We could be limited from independence by future involuntary projects if we grow large, such as PRISM, NSLs, or any other projects that could impede us.
  • • We recognize Targeted Individuals and any other interested parties of alternative networks.

–  What is a National Security Letter or NSL? See an explanation at: https://www.newyorker.com/tech/elements/what-its-like-to-get-a-national-security-letter

o   Human Voices Foundation determines that NSLs will subject our website to providing the name and length of service for the user.

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