Terms of Service

Disciplinary Process:

For violations of service, although Human Voices Foundation has the right to do this to anyone, can involve:

  • • Warnings
  • • De-Sponsorship of Content
  • • Removal of User Content and/or Advertisements
  • • Loss of Auto-Approved Sponsorships and/or Advertisements
  • • Temporary or Permanent Disabling
  • • Temporary or Permanent Deactivation of Accounts
  • • Reporting criminal activity, fraud/scam, and violations

Users are not required to use their real names on Human Voices website. IDs are not required. Human Voices Foundation supports user privacy and improves privacy with settings.

Our backend allows for reported content to be reviewed.

Posts, content, and commenting on profiles can be deemed for off-site, public, friends & contacts, mutual friends, mutual friends and contacts, contacts, friends, and only me. There are additional privacy settings which are editable. For example, about information is editable on profiles, and other settings are editable from the drop down.

  • • Off-site means that the content can be seen by non-logged in users, and shareable off-site
  • • The majority of content can be private or public, varying with each module.
  • • Geolocation, Cookies, and Data is used for recommendations, suggestions, and advertisements.
  • • Likes, favorites, joined, popular, featured, categories, tags, and other inputted information provide filtering.
  • • Human Voices Foundation will not scan messages or audio for advertising, as we value user privacy.
  • • Human Voices Foundation will never do facial recognition.
  • • Human Voices Foundation does not sell user photos, posts, videos, or content. Those photos, posts, content, and videos are owned by that user unless copyrighted, then the copyright holder owns that content. User data is not sold to companies or entities.

We do not want advertisements to be based off invasion of privacy. We feel that consumers will be more receptive as well to advertisements which they feel don’t violate their privacy concerns. Moreover, businesses generally do not want more information than required for obtaining a target market.

  •   We aim to take steps to create barriers to information for any applications that will be created from 3rd parties as Human Voices Foundation and the website grows.
    • o   We are not perfect, but aim to provide you privacy and your data rights.

–  If small businesses were surveyed, we can almost guarantee that these businesses do not want this excessive information.

  • • We reserve the right to provide information to law enforcement with criminal activity precedence.
    • o    We understand that laws and what is deemed as a crime varies per area and per person. We will keep this in mind, and we do slant toward free speech and manual reporting.
      • o    For example, we will not respond to speeding or hitch hiking, but we will take human trafficking seriously.
    • o    Human Voices Foundation is not responsible for crimes which occur or damages. Human Voices Foundation and its staff are not responsible for users who use Human Voices’s platform for what they do.
  •                                       –  We take the safety of our users seriously.

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