Terms of Service

NOT Allowed Products and Services on Social Marketplaces/E-Commerce:

Do NOT post these Products and Services.

They will be removed from Buy/Sell, donations, or other commission transactions.

These Products/Services are NOT allowed, can be removed, and are not limited to:
  • • Weapons of all kinds
  • • Illegal Products and Services
  • • Illegal Drugs
  • • Adult/Sexual Products and Services
  • • Pro-Mental Health Products and Services
  • • Criminal Activity
  • • Scam/Fraud
  • • Porn/Nude
  • • Selling People or Humans

–   We have the right to discern products and services that should be removed.

*Report for “Against Selling Policy” to apply to the above.

No Discrimination in Selling:

Do not discriminate in selling. Report this as “Discrimination in Selling.”

Explanation of Discrimination in Selling for advertising, sponsoring, and selling:

Discrimination in selling means to prevent a type of person or class from using a product or service. Protected classes can include race, gender, sexuality, disability, and age.

Do Not Scam or Defraud.

Human Voices Foundation and its staff are not responsible for any damages or problems caused by any products and services which are sold or wanted by its users on or off its platform.

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