Terms of Service

Opportunities for Advertising, Sponsoring, & Selling on human voices come in future functions. The text below (pages 6 and 7) is a preparation for this.

Human Voices Foundation’s Advertising, Sponsoring, & Selling Policy:

Human Voices platform (human voices.site) has the task of working for everything related to Visions. This means that all advertisements that sell something related to this can be sold on human voices.site and nothing else.

Advertisements and sponsored content can be removed or de-sponsored for:

  • • Weapons of all kinds
  • • Nudity/Nude
  • • Harassment
  • • Criminal Activity
  • • Scam/Fraud
  • • Copyright – E.g., when a copyright holder reports it as violation, however, freely sponsor other authors’ content
  • • Discrimination in Selling
  • • Against Selling Policy

The above violations can result in de-sponsorship, loss of auto-approval, and/or removal with no refunds.

These Advertisements and Sponsorships Are NOT Allowed:

Do NOT sponsor or advertise for:

  • • Selling Weapons of all kinds
  • • Selling Illegal Products or Services
  • • Selling Illegal Drugs
  • • Selling Adult/Sexual Products or Services
  • • Selling Pro-Mental Health Products or Services
  • • Porn/Nude
  • • Criminal Activity
  • • Scam/Fraud
  • • Discrimination in Selling

Report for “Against Selling Policy” to apply to the above.

Human Voices Foundation does not want the promotion of these above products and services in advertising.

– Violating sponsorships and advertisements can result in content being un-sponsored, removal of content, and loss of auto-approval. Violations will result in no refund.

We have the right to discern these rules.

Explanation of “Discrimination in Selling” for advertising, sponsoring, and selling:

Discrimination in selling means to prevent a type of person or class from using a product or service. Protected classes can include race, gender, sexuality, disability, and age.

Auto-Approval: Sponsoring content and graphic ads are auto-approved unless the ability is removed due to violation and reports/moderation.

By sponsoring or creating advertisements, you agree to follow these guidelines.

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