Terms of Service

General Reportable Content:

Human Voices Foundation can receive reports for:
  • Nudity/Nude
  • Harassment
  • Criminal Activity
  • Needs Help
  • Scam/Fraud
  • Spam
  • Copyright
  • Other
Subcategories for reports (optional to fill in):

Criminal Activity:

o   Murder, Human/Sex Trafficking, Kidnapping, Pedophile, Assault, Domestic Violence, Rape/Sexual Assault, Stealing/Burglary, Stalking, Torture, Abuse, Exploitation, Coercive Control, Corruption, Other

–  This is the actual action or imminent action of, not the speech or discussion of.


o   Cyberbullying, Multiple People, Repetitive Harassment, Off-Site Harassment, Serious Threats, Sexual, Telling Someone to Self-Death/Kill Themselves, Stalking, Taunting, Degrading, Gaslighting/Changing Reality, Sending Unwanted Photos/Videos/Audio Directly, Using Photos/Videos of You, Impersonating a Person Harmfully, Posting Someone’s Private Information, Using Fake Profiles Against Someone, Spreading Serious Rumors/Defamation, Other

–  Harassment is often defined as direct, repetitive, and inescapable.

– Human Voices Foundation has an anti-bullying/anti-harassment policy. We want users to have freedom of expression and safety to have their opinions.

–  It is serious and not only an opinion, debate, or belief.

–  Multiple harassers take priority.

–  Self-defense and/or defending an individual is often not harassment.

Needs Help:

o   Crime Victim, Self-Death/Suicide, Natural Disaster, Missing or Lost, Accident, Runaway, Harassed, Bullied, Rights Violations, Immediate Danger, Homeless, Scammed, Human/Sex Trafficked, Hacked, Other.

These can result in warnings, content removal, disciplinary process, and reporting it to necessary authorities depending on severity.

 You can appeal, and in some situations, can find out who is reporting you on request.

  • • For “Needs Help,” we will respond as best as we can to benefit the user.
  • • Harassment and Criminal Activity take priority for Human Voices Foundation staff.
  • • See our Staff Response Policy for more information.

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