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Anti-Bullying/Anti-Harassment Policy

Human Voices Foundation will not tolerate harassment to make users to feel unsafe, either online or in-person, or harassment which causes users to be unable to use their freedom of expression. That is not having individual rights, privacy, or free speech for the user being harassed if they feel unable to speak, live safely, or use the platform. Report harassment.

– Human Voices Foundation has an anti-bullying/anti-harassment policy. We want users to have freedom of expression and safety to have their opinions. We want people to have a voice and to live freely.

– Harassment is often defined as direct, repetitive, and inescapable. It usually involves direct contact with the harassed user. It is severe. It is not debate.

  1. E.g., if 1-5+ or more people harass a user to cause that person to feel unable or be unable to post, unable to add content, and/or feel that they have to leave the website and/or unsafe in-person, the 1-5+ or more harassing parties can be warned, have content removed, disabled, and deactivated based on severity.
    1. Human Voices Foundation has the right to proactively prevent users getting to this point on its platform.
    2. Do not harass users in groups.
  2. We do not tolerate cyberbullying or in-person bullying/harassment. There are plenty of other platforms that the harassing parties can go on to seriously harass others. Report this to staff.
  3. Multiple harassers take priority.
  4. Human Voices Foundation values the individual.
  5. Human Voices Foundation is not responsible for harm caused by its users. Human Voices Foundation wants to prevent harm. Use the description and/or contact staff for more information.

–  We want our website to be safe for users. The disciplinary process can be used.

–  Blocking between users may solve harassment problems.

–  Human Voices Foundation will actively prevent harassment online and keep a welcoming atmosphere.

–  Harassment does not include political opinion or belief.

–  We allow debate on our platform.

– Self-defense and/or defending an individual is often not harassment.

By joining, registering, viewing, and/or using our website, you agree to these terms and any updates.

Terms of service can be updated at any time, and you agree to these changes.

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