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Futuristic Freedom of Expression Policy

Freedom of Expression definition for Human Voices Foundation: Human Voices Foundation will not limit or censor for political reasons or only due to disagreement. All forms of speech are considered. We do not censor ideas. We allow debate, but not harassment. Freedom of expression is when a person can state their opinion or express themselves without retaliation. Written, visual, auditory, and uploaded content are considered speech. We do not own your speech or content, and we won’t sell it. The author owns their content, unless it is copyrighted, then that copyright holder owns that content.

Free speech is the ability for people to state their opinions safely and without repercussions. This means that we will not be a facilitator to people being removed due to the beliefs of many detractors or multiple reporters who do not like a person’s views. We have an anti-bullying/anti-harassment policy.

Human Voices Foundation does not want users to be harassed for having opinions and then to have leave the platform or to experience other adverse effects. This is different from free speech definitions of other platforms. Human Voices Foundation wants users to be able to have freedom of expression, creativity, and the freedom to be different.

Human Voices Foundation supports freedom of the press, assembly, defense, lifestyle, movement, individualism, information, emotions, personality, and thought. Today, every person writing online is like a journalist. We do not suppress information or the sharing of information and want to continue an age of information. We prefer the enlightenment and individualism.

Religion can be criticized freely, including in ads. Religion is a protection in hiring. This does not mean that people cannot talk about religion. It means that people can criticize any religion.

Remove content only when necessary.

Removing content is and has a disciplinary effect. Censorship or cutting off communication can have negative effects on people and society. We take removing content seriously and think the less moderation required, then the better. Our main focus is on harassment and criminal activity as defined below.

We do not use censorship algorithms for posts or content. Reports are done manually, requiring human review, which means that we do not automate moderation of reports as on other platforms.

Human Voices Foundation does not allow harassment, nude/nudity (do not post porn), fraud/scams, and criminal activity. Human Voices Foundation also has copyright and advertisement/sponsor/selling policies.

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