Terms of Service

More Futuristic Consumer Protections:

No “Psychological” Researching or Manipulation of Users:

Human Voices Foundation will never participate in the “psychological” research or control of users. For example, another large social network did harmful psychological research to manipulate users to feel negatively. We refuse to manipulate users. We will not sell information to researchers, businesses, organizations, or academia about data. We want freedom of expression, opinions, and lifestyles.

No “Behaviorism” Used by Our Platform:

Other social media companies have looked at “behavior” of users. Human Voices Foundation refuses to do this control and wants people to be able to freely have differing emotions, lifestyles, individualism, personality, thoughts, opinions, and speech. Human Voices Foundation will never hire anyone in psychology and will not use any form of psychology in design, development, strategy, or planning.

We will not allow advertising of pro-“mental health” on non 3rd party ads, will block selling of this for transactions on our platform, and will refuse businesses or organizations who want to influence users with manipulation. Human Voices Foundation is a non-invasive platform that wants to protect users. Our user protections for this may increase if required. Human Voices Foundation has the right to discern these rules.

No Censorship Algorithms for Posts or Content:

We do not use censorship algorithms for posts or content, as we value freedom of expression, speech, press, assembly, thought, emotions, lifestyles, information, and differing opinions. Human Voices Foundation takes the cutting off of people’s communication seriously. We know that cutting off communication is a disciplinary effect and can have negative consequences on people as well as influence society.

We have manual moderation. Advertisements and sponsoring is automatic, but the automation can be lost if against policies.

Moderation is done manually. Make reports.

Political Neutrality:

  • • Human Voices Foundation will not censor for political reasons alone. We strive to be politically neutral in our moderation and responses to reports.

 Politically Neutral definition for Human Voices Foundation:

Speech and content which is political will be deemed a part of free speech. This freedom applies to the entire spectrum of politics, of each country. Human Voices Foundation is of no particular party, and the founder aims to separate the company from their political preferences, which vary.

This platform is worldwide, which means we aim to facilitate worldwide. Feel free to speak politically and against governments worldwide.

Human Voices Foundation is transparent on its positions and you have the right to be informed.

We will not be coerced for political scapegoating, and take historical context seriously regarding this. We aim to be a facilitator of communication. We do not want to negatively impact elections in any country.

–  We do have advertising and reporting guidelines which we hope can be seen as non-partisan.

o   Employees at Human Voices Foundation can be of different political views and be of different nationalities.

o   We do not discriminate against employees for different political views.

–  Human Voices Foundation strives to provide awareness on these issues.

– This platform has users worldwide and we aim to not be politically biased in reported content. We take it manipulation that is done politically seriously on social media against nationalities and against users.

–  Don’t report for political reasons alone.

Commissions on Transactions:

Human Voices Foundation and its transaction services take commission from the sales of products and services by users on site. These commissions include Human Voices Foundation and Stripe fees.

  • • Buy/Sell: 10%
  • • Donations between users: 10%

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