Global Governance

DisagreeUsefulVision okayVery Good Vision3.3/43 ratings 1. Abstract 1. Introduction and abstract 1.1 Introduction The League of Nations was founded in 1919 in the wake of World War I with the… Continue reading

Zero wounded and killed in traffic.

DisagreeUsefulVision okayVery Good Vision4/47 ratings Sweden Vision Zero ”Nollvisionen”. ”Ingen ska dödas eller skadas allvarligt till följd av trafikolyckor i Sverige” No one should be killed or seriously injured in traffic… Continue reading

No export of weapons

DisagreeUsefulVision okayVery Good Vision3/41 rating No country should be able to export weapons or waeponparts. Wars would be much smaller, with less damage., Maby even non exsistant. No state or… Continue reading

Children having loving family

DisagreeUsefulVision okayVery Good Vision2.5/42 ratings More children from children’s homes should get the opportunity to be in a new loving family.