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Terms of Service

Welcome to Human Voices and KlimaForKæmperne

The Human Voices Foundation works on climate issues and is a proponents for visions. Be a part and create the future.

Last Updated: January 16, 2019

Terms of Service

By using and/or creating an account on, you agree to these terms of service and any changes.

Our Values:

Human Voices Foundation ( is a library and a social media for visions. It is an organization and a platform for personal and various group constellations. We work for the creation of visions and for collecting, sharing and discussing visions for the entire world's future.

Human Voices Foundation values; change, innovation, consumer rights, freedom of expression, benefiting society, and political neutrality. Human Voices Foundation values the individual. Human Voices Foundation acts with ethics, transparency, and integrity.

The Human Voices Foundation creates the conditions for the creation of visions without the influence of economic, political, religious or other types of organizations.

The Human Voices Foundation is created and owned by its members. The membership is built at different levels. Everyone has the opportunity to become a member and to climb to the highest level. The highest level of membership is; Board member (limited number of members. Board members are replaced at regular intervals).

Join and create the future. With you as a member, Human Voices can change the future.

We listen to your feedback and suggestionsHuman Voices Foundation informs users with transparency. You are a valued content creator on this platform.

We will not sell user data.

Human Voices Foundation value the right to be heard, right to service, right to be informed, right to safety, right to privacy, and right to choice.

One of the Human Voices Foundation's goals is to give people the possibility of a network in which they can quickly and easily show how they want the world to be.
We have an anti-bullying/anti-harassment policy since we take a more proactive view on freedom of expression. People should have the right to state their opinions or express themselves without retaliation and safely. People should have freedom of individualism and to be different. In Human Voices Foundation’s view, this is true freedom of expression.

Human Voices Foundation wants to bring more user customization. Our platform is always evolving.

Human Voices Foundation will provide the same Terms of Service for all users worldwide. We do this to provide equality and transparency for all users.

Futuristic Freedom of Expression Policy

Freedom of Expression definition for Human Voices Foundation: Human Voices Foundation will not limit or censor for political reasons or only due to disagreement. All forms of speech are considered. We do not censor ideas. We allow debate, but not harassment. Freedom of expression is when a person can state their opinion or express themselves without retaliation. Written, visual, auditory, and uploaded content are considered speech. We do not own your speech or content, and we won’t sell it. The author owns their content, unless it is copyrighted, then that copyright holder owns that content.

Free speech is the ability for people to state their opinions safely and without repercussions. This means that we will not be a facilitator to people being removed due to the beliefs of many detractors or multiple reporters who do not like a person’s views. We have an anti-bullying/anti-harassment policy.

Human Voices Foundation does not want users to be harassed for having opinions and then to have leave the platform or to experience other adverse effects. This is different from free speech definitions of other platforms. Human Voices Foundation wants users to be able to have freedom of expression, creativity, and the freedom to be different.

Human Voices Foundation supports freedom of the press, assembly, defense, lifestyle, movement, individualism, information, emotions, personality, and thought. Today, every person writing online is like a journalist. We do not suppress information or the sharing of information and want to continue an age of information. We prefer the enlightenment and individualism.

Religion can be criticized freely, including in ads. Religion is a protection in hiring. This does not mean that people cannot talk about religion. It means that people can criticize any religion.

Remove content only when necessary.

Removing content is and has a disciplinary effect. Censorship or cutting off communication can have negative effects on people and society. We take removing content seriously and think the less moderation required, then the better. Our main focus is on harassment and criminal activity as defined below.

We do not use censorship algorithms for posts or content. Reports are done manually, requiring human review, which means that we do not automate moderation of reports as on other platforms.

Human Voices Foundation does not allow harassment, nude/nudity (do not post porn), fraud/scams, and criminal activity. Human Voices Foundation also has copyright and advertisement/sponsor/selling policies.

Anti-Bullying/Anti-Harassment Policy

Human Voices Foundation will not tolerate harassment to make users to feel unsafe, either online or in-person, or harassment which causes users to be unable to use their freedom of expression. That is not having individual rights, privacy, or free speech for the user being harassed if they feel unable to speak, live safely, or use the platform. Report harassment.

- Human Voices Foundation has an anti-bullying/anti-harassment policy. We want users to have freedom of expression and safety to have their opinions. We want people to have a voice and to live freely.

- Harassment is often defined as direct, repetitive, and inescapable. It usually involves direct contact with the harassed user. It is severe. It is not debate.

  1. E.g., if 1-5+ or more people harass a user to cause that person to feel unable or be unable to post, unable to add content, and/or feel that they have to leave the website and/or unsafe in-person, the 1-5+ or more harassing parties can be warned, have content removed, disabled, and deactivated based on severity.
    1. Human Voices Foundation has the right to proactively prevent users getting to this point on its platform.
    2. Do not harass users in groups.
  2. We do not tolerate cyberbullying or in-person bullying/harassment. There are plenty of other platforms that the harassing parties can go on to seriously harass others. Report this to staff.
  3. Multiple harassers take priority.
  4. Human Voices Foundation values the individual.
  5. Human Voices Foundation is not responsible for harm caused by its users. Human Voices Foundation wants to prevent harm. Use the description and/or contact staff for more information.

-  We want our website to be safe for users. The disciplinary process can be used.

-  Blocking between users may solve harassment problems.

-  Human Voices Foundation will actively prevent harassment online and keep a welcoming atmosphere.

-  Harassment does not include political opinion or belief.

-  We allow debate on our platform.

- Self-defense and/or defending an individual is often not harassment.

By joining, registering, viewing, and/or using our website, you agree to these terms and any updates.

Terms of service can be updated at any time, and you agree to these changes.

You agree to:

1. Never sue Human Voices Foundation for any liabilities, damages, problems, risks, or for any reason from its use.

2. Human Voices Foundation has no liability for any damages, problems, risks, or issues caused by its platform or by its users.

3. Human Voices Foundation is not responsible or liable for any damages, issues, risks, harms, or problems caused by users on its platform. Human Voices Foundation is not responsible for any liabilities, damages, or problems caused by using its website or any of its applications.

4. Human Voices Foundation is not responsible or liable for any damages or problems caused by any products and services which are sold or wanted by its users on or off its platform.

5. Human Voices Foundation does not guarantee satisfaction from using our services, website, applications, or platform.

You understand the risks of using Human Voices Foundation and will not sue.

You further agree to all additional sections in this policy, not only to the above.

Geolocation and Cookies:

6. There are geolocation services for time zone, nearby, nationwide, worldwide, and other recommendations.

7. There are cookies which allow a user to stay logged in.

8. Essential cookies are required for use.

9. IP address can be retrieved.

Accessing videos and photos for uploading:

10. You will allow photos and videos to be uploaded onto Human Voices website from your devices, which involves browsing.

-  Human Voices Foundation will never sell these photos or videos. They will not be distributed or sold to anyone unless with criminal activity precedence.

-  We value privacy, and we will not provide them to other entities, unless with precedence or warrants.

-  Human Voices website, further, does not do facial recognition and never plans to do this invasion of privacy.

All ages can register. Age or birthday is not required to sign up:

11.  Age is not required and all ages are allowed to register on Human Voices website.

-  We welcome everyone. We don't require age on sign up for privacy and freedom reasons.

-  Human Voices Foundation thinks that any age should have access to technology such as social media.

-  Do not solicit minors as an adult. Adults that are over 18 soliciting minors that are under 18 for dating can result in criminal activity reports.

-  Human Voices Foundation is not responsible for risks or liability of young people (under 18) using the website, either doing off-site browsing or logged-in use. We further are not responsible for people using false ages.

Copyrighted material:

12. Copyrighted material is discouraged from being posted. Report copyright violations. For example, full movies, full shows, and music videos belonging to original holders can be removed. Human Voices Foundation does not have a copyright algorithm and is not responsible for violations by users. They will be removed with manual moderation and reports.

 -  A general rule is that if the video and audio content can be uploaded onto other websites without a copyright block, then it can be uploaded onto Human Voices Foundation without a problem.

No nudity/nude, full nude, or porn:

13. Do not upload content of or post nudity, nude parts, nude graphics, or porn on Human Voices website. This is against policy and will be removed. It will result in disciplinary process. Report violations. Human Voices Foundation is not responsible for material that is uploaded by users.

-    Exceptions can include historical art, sculptures, art history, non-detailed drawings or paintings, and non-pornographic animal wildlife.

-    This rule focuses mainly on real-life photos and videos of humans.

-    Do not post, upload content of, or solicit underage (under 18), teen, or child nudes/porn in any form. It can be reported to authorities as criminal activity.

No criminal activity:

14. Do not use Human Voices website for criminal activity. The content will be removed and people disciplined through our process listed below. It can be reported beyond our website. Report violations. Human Voices Foundation is not responsible for crime done by users.

-    Criminal activity is the actual action done or imminent action, not the speech or discussion of.

No scamming or defrauding:

15. Do not use Human Voices website for scamming or fraud of other users. The content will be removed and people disciplined through our process listed below. It can be reported beyond our website. Report violations. Human Voices website is not responsible for scamming done by users.

No harassment of other users:

16.  Users who harass can be blocked by other users. Blocking will solve most problems and debate is allowed. Harassment can cause content removal, warnings, and disciplinary process. Report harassment. Optionally include the categories. Human Voices Foundation is not responsible for harassment done by users.

o   Harassment, in quick review:

-  Harassment is direct, repetitive, and inescapable.

-  Multiple people attacking a person for their view, which is done directly, can be considered harassment. Human Voices Foundation does not want people bullied off our platform.

-  This will be responded to according to the situation and severity. This may involve warnings and removing depreciating comments and/or content.

-  Do not harass users in groups.

-  Harassment does not include political opinion or belief.

-  Harassment can make a user feel that they need to leave the website or platform. We do not tolerate this harassment. Users should be able to use our website and applications safely. Users should be able to live safely.

-  Human Voices Foundation values the individual.

-  If threatening speech becomes an action by the user, this can be reportable at a higher level of criminal activity. However, not all speech involves actions.

-  We allow debate on our platform.

-  Self-defense and/or defending an individual is often not harassment.

Reporting when a person “needs help”:

17. Human Voices Foundation takes the safety of users seriously. Staff will improve response over time. Human Voices Foundation and its staff is not responsible for dangerous circumstances.

Our Staff Response Policy states that we can directly message users, beyond reviewing reports, in response to requests and reports if necessary.

General Reportable Content:

Human Voices Foundation can receive reports for:
  • Nudity/Nude
  • Harassment
  • Criminal Activity
  • Needs Help
  • Scam/Fraud
  • Spam
  • Copyright
  • Other
Subcategories for reports (optional to fill in):

Criminal Activity:

o   Murder, Human/Sex Trafficking, Kidnapping, Pedophile, Assault, Domestic Violence, Rape/Sexual Assault, Stealing/Burglary, Stalking, Torture, Abuse, Exploitation, Coercive Control, Corruption, Other

-  This is the actual action or imminent action of, not the speech or discussion of.


o   Cyberbullying, Multiple People, Repetitive Harassment, Off-Site Harassment, Serious Threats, Sexual, Telling Someone to Self-Death/Kill Themselves, Stalking, Taunting, Degrading, Gaslighting/Changing Reality, Sending Unwanted Photos/Videos/Audio Directly, Using Photos/Videos of You, Impersonating a Person Harmfully, Posting Someone’s Private Information, Using Fake Profiles Against Someone, Spreading Serious Rumors/Defamation, Other

-  Harassment is often defined as direct, repetitive, and inescapable.

- Human Voices Foundation has an anti-bullying/anti-harassment policy. We want users to have freedom of expression and safety to have their opinions.

-  It is serious and not only an opinion, debate, or belief.

-  Multiple harassers take priority.

-  Self-defense and/or defending an individual is often not harassment.

Needs Help:

o   Crime Victim, Self-Death/Suicide, Natural Disaster, Missing or Lost, Accident, Runaway, Harassed, Bullied, Rights Violations, Immediate Danger, Homeless, Scammed, Human/Sex Trafficked, Hacked, Other.

These can result in warnings, content removal, disciplinary process, and reporting it to necessary authorities depending on severity.

 You can appeal, and in some situations, can find out who is reporting you on request.

  • • For “Needs Help,” we will respond as best as we can to benefit the user.
  • • Harassment and Criminal Activity take priority for Human Voices Foundation staff.
  • • See our Staff Response Policy for more information.

Opportunities for Advertising, Sponsoring, & Selling on human voices come in future functions. The text below (pages 6 and 7) is a preparation for this.

Human Voices Foundation’s Advertising, Sponsoring, & Selling Policy:

Human Voices platform (human has the task of working for everything related to Visions. This means that all advertisements that sell something related to this can be sold on human and nothing else.

Advertisements and sponsored content can be removed or de-sponsored for:

  • • Weapons of all kinds
  • • Nudity/Nude
  • • Harassment
  • • Criminal Activity
  • • Scam/Fraud
  • • Copyright – E.g., when a copyright holder reports it as violation, however, freely sponsor other authors’ content
  • • Discrimination in Selling
  • • Against Selling Policy

The above violations can result in de-sponsorship, loss of auto-approval, and/or removal with no refunds.

These Advertisements and Sponsorships Are NOT Allowed:

Do NOT sponsor or advertise for:

  • • Selling Weapons of all kinds
  • • Selling Illegal Products or Services
  • • Selling Illegal Drugs
  • • Selling Adult/Sexual Products or Services
  • • Selling Pro-Mental Health Products or Services
  • • Porn/Nude
  • • Criminal Activity
  • • Scam/Fraud
  • • Discrimination in Selling

Report for “Against Selling Policy” to apply to the above.

Human Voices Foundation does not want the promotion of these above products and services in advertising.

- Violating sponsorships and advertisements can result in content being un-sponsored, removal of content, and loss of auto-approval. Violations will result in no refund.

We have the right to discern these rules.

Explanation of “Discrimination in Selling” for advertising, sponsoring, and selling:

Discrimination in selling means to prevent a type of person or class from using a product or service. Protected classes can include race, gender, sexuality, disability, and age.

Auto-Approval: Sponsoring content and graphic ads are auto-approved unless the ability is removed due to violation and reports/moderation.

By sponsoring or creating advertisements, you agree to follow these guidelines.

NOT Allowed Products and Services on Social Marketplaces/E-Commerce:

Do NOT post these Products and Services.

They will be removed from Buy/Sell, donations, or other commission transactions.

These Products/Services are NOT allowed, can be removed, and are not limited to:
  • • Weapons of all kinds
  • • Illegal Products and Services
  • • Illegal Drugs
  • • Adult/Sexual Products and Services
  • • Pro-Mental Health Products and Services
  • • Criminal Activity
  • • Scam/Fraud
  • • Porn/Nude
  • • Selling People or Humans

-   We have the right to discern products and services that should be removed.

*Report for “Against Selling Policy” to apply to the above.

No Discrimination in Selling:

Do not discriminate in selling. Report this as “Discrimination in Selling.”

Explanation of Discrimination in Selling for advertising, sponsoring, and selling:

Discrimination in selling means to prevent a type of person or class from using a product or service. Protected classes can include race, gender, sexuality, disability, and age.

Do Not Scam or Defraud.

Human Voices Foundation and its staff are not responsible for any damages or problems caused by any products and services which are sold or wanted by its users on or off its platform.

Disciplinary Process:

For violations of service, although Human Voices Foundation has the right to do this to anyone, can involve:

  • • Warnings
  • • De-Sponsorship of Content
  • • Removal of User Content and/or Advertisements
  • • Loss of Auto-Approved Sponsorships and/or Advertisements
  • • Temporary or Permanent Disabling
  • • Temporary or Permanent Deactivation of Accounts
  • • Reporting criminal activity, fraud/scam, and violations

Users are not required to use their real names on Human Voices website. IDs are not required. Human Voices Foundation supports user privacy and improves privacy with settings.

Our backend allows for reported content to be reviewed.

Posts, content, and commenting on profiles can be deemed for off-site, public, friends & contacts, mutual friends, mutual friends and contacts, contacts, friends, and only me. There are additional privacy settings which are editable. For example, about information is editable on profiles, and other settings are editable from the drop down.

  • • Off-site means that the content can be seen by non-logged in users, and shareable off-site
  • • The majority of content can be private or public, varying with each module.
  • • Geolocation, Cookies, and Data is used for recommendations, suggestions, and advertisements.
  • • Likes, favorites, joined, popular, featured, categories, tags, and other inputted information provide filtering.
  • • Human Voices Foundation will not scan messages or audio for advertising, as we value user privacy.
  • • Human Voices Foundation will never do facial recognition.
  • • Human Voices Foundation does not sell user photos, posts, videos, or content. Those photos, posts, content, and videos are owned by that user unless copyrighted, then the copyright holder owns that content. User data is not sold to companies or entities.

We do not want advertisements to be based off invasion of privacy. We feel that consumers will be more receptive as well to advertisements which they feel don’t violate their privacy concerns. Moreover, businesses generally do not want more information than required for obtaining a target market.

  •   We aim to take steps to create barriers to information for any applications that will be created from 3rd parties as Human Voices Foundation and the website grows.
    • o   We are not perfect, but aim to provide you privacy and your data rights.

-  If small businesses were surveyed, we can almost guarantee that these businesses do not want this excessive information.

  • • We reserve the right to provide information to law enforcement with criminal activity precedence.
    • o    We understand that laws and what is deemed as a crime varies per area and per person. We will keep this in mind, and we do slant toward free speech and manual reporting.
      • o    For example, we will not respond to speeding or hitch hiking, but we will take human trafficking seriously.
    • o    Human Voices Foundation is not responsible for crimes which occur or damages. Human Voices Foundation and its staff are not responsible for users who use Human Voices’s platform for what they do.
  •                                       -  We take the safety of our users seriously.

Data Rights for Advertising/Sponsoring:

  • •  Advertising as of present is based off time (daily, weekly, monthly) and location of the advertisement or sponsorship only.

Future Advertising:

  • • Any information given to advertisers who use Human Voices website for future ad targeting are wide-spread, aggregate, demographical, geographical information, interests, likes, favorites, joined, and recommendations based off on-site preferences.
    • o   These are not individually identifiable per user to advertisers or sponsors, unless users interact with these advertisements or sponsorships. Aggregate results means they don’t see your name or specific profile, but a wide range of characteristics to advertise to. Users are unidentifiable unless they interact with content or interact by going-off site, such as to purchase a product or service.
  • • User data will not be sold to companies or outside parties.
  • • Human Voices Foundation plans to provide a non-advertisement and a non-sponsorship versions of Human Voices website in the future for subscriptions. Human Voices website version with the ad/sponsor is free to use.

3rd Party Advertising Platforms:

  • • For integration with outside advertising platformson our service (such as Google Adsense or other advertising platforms): those parties use cookies and have their own policies.
    • o   Human Voices website may integrate outside advertising for multiple revenue streams.

Independence from Governments:

Human Voices Foundation does not want to exploit users at governmental demand. We disagree with other platforms suppressing speech, dissidence, and information at the request of governments worldwide. Human Voices Foundation aims to be independent.

We aim to bring, as a company policy, awareness to the rights that are impeded by governments in the technological realm.

  • • Any considered contracts with any government entities would be to help with emergencies and to serve the public. Social media can be utilized to serve society better.
  • • Human Voices Foundation will not voluntarily participate in and will resist governmental demands of surveillance, suppressing dissidents, suppressing information, cutting off communication, harming users, controlling users, or warfare.
  • • We are liable to the Danmarks government as priority due to our headquarter location.
  • • We take the Danmark as priority, and will resist restrictive demands of other countries.
  • • We could be limited from independence by future involuntary projects if we grow large, such as PRISM, NSLs, or any other projects that could impede us.
  • • We recognize Targeted Individuals and any other interested parties of alternative networks.

-  What is a National Security Letter or NSL? See an explanation at:

o   Human Voices Foundation determines that NSLs will subject our website to providing the name and length of service for the user.

More Futuristic Consumer Protections:

No "Psychological" Researching or Manipulation of Users:

Human Voices Foundation will never participate in the "psychological" research or control of users. For example, another large social network did harmful psychological research to manipulate users to feel negatively. We refuse to manipulate users. We will not sell information to researchers, businesses, organizations, or academia about data. We want freedom of expression, opinions, and lifestyles.

No "Behaviorism" Used by Our Platform:

Other social media companies have looked at "behavior" of users. Human Voices Foundation refuses to do this control and wants people to be able to freely have differing emotions, lifestyles, individualism, personality, thoughts, opinions, and speech. Human Voices Foundation will never hire anyone in psychology and will not use any form of psychology in design, development, strategy, or planning.

We will not allow advertising of pro-"mental health" on non 3rd party ads, will block selling of this for transactions on our platform, and will refuse businesses or organizations who want to influence users with manipulation. Human Voices Foundation is a non-invasive platform that wants to protect users. Our user protections for this may increase if required. Human Voices Foundation has the right to discern these rules.

No Censorship Algorithms for Posts or Content:

We do not use censorship algorithms for posts or content, as we value freedom of expression, speech, press, assembly, thought, emotions, lifestyles, information, and differing opinions. Human Voices Foundation takes the cutting off of people's communication seriously. We know that cutting off communication is a disciplinary effect and can have negative consequences on people as well as influence society.

We have manual moderation. Advertisements and sponsoring is automatic, but the automation can be lost if against policies.

Moderation is done manually. Make reports.

Political Neutrality:

  • • Human Voices Foundation will not censor for political reasons alone. We strive to be politically neutral in our moderation and responses to reports.

 Politically Neutral definition for Human Voices Foundation:

Speech and content which is political will be deemed a part of free speech. This freedom applies to the entire spectrum of politics, of each country. Human Voices Foundation is of no particular party, and the founder aims to separate the company from their political preferences, which vary.

This platform is worldwide, which means we aim to facilitate worldwide. Feel free to speak politically and against governments worldwide.

Human Voices Foundation is transparent on its positions and you have the right to be informed.

We will not be coerced for political scapegoating, and take historical context seriously regarding this. We aim to be a facilitator of communication. We do not want to negatively impact elections in any country.

-  We do have advertising and reporting guidelines which we hope can be seen as non-partisan.

o   Employees at Human Voices Foundation can be of different political views and be of different nationalities.

o   We do not discriminate against employees for different political views.

-  Human Voices Foundation strives to provide awareness on these issues.

- This platform has users worldwide and we aim to not be politically biased in reported content. We take it manipulation that is done politically seriously on social media against nationalities and against users.

-  Don’t report for political reasons alone.

Commissions on Transactions:

Human Voices Foundation and its transaction services take commission from the sales of products and services by users on site. These commissions include Human Voices Foundation and Stripe fees.

  • • Buy/Sell: 10%
  • • Donations between users: 10%

Copyright © Human Voices Foundation 2018 - All Rights Reserved

Do not replicate or copy Human Voices Foundation’s intellectual property, content, ideas, website, and/or applications. By using, viewing, and/or registering on Human Voices Foundation, you agree to these terms.

 Our website, design, ideas, content, development, © 2015. All rights are reserved.

You agree to not replicate or copy our ideas, website, or applications without our permission. We copyright our material and our ideas have been built since 2015. Human Voices website is intellectual property.

Human Voice's website is not open source and our code is not open for use without permission.

Human Voices Foundation has been registered in Denmark, since 2015.

Policy Changes:

Human Voices Foundation’s policies can change at any time. By using our website and/or registering, you agree to all policy changes.

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