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    Or, consider for example, that no matter leaves our planet, so all the Methane, Carbon, and so on is all trapped within our atmosphere, some loose and some bound in ice and plants and other places, so what humans do on a large scale is to rearrange the concentration, distribution…[Read more]

  • @Jan, by chance I saw your post in a public group on Facebook about climate change, and as I refuse to use Facebook and don’t have an account here, I write a reply here.

    Globalization on an industrial scale is a fairly new phenomenon, connected and coinciding with the car leading to suburban lifestyle and peak oil. Two world wars, the atomic…[Read more]

  • Now, with no follow-up on Worldie, I try here. It’s unfortunate that this misunderstanding happened, the Terms of Use on Worldie aren’t mine. I guess you might not be allowed to use them on this site here, if you haven’t got the permission from the original author(s). If no permission was given, they should be removed or replaced. Apologies, but…[Read more]

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