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My doubts have disappeared



The environmental threat it is incredibly complicated if we try to understand all the details and try to make the changes in the level of details. But let’s start from the beginning. Is it a threat?

My doubts have disappeared, they have convinced me. This is why:

Measurements of the carbon dioxide content in the air have been measured for 60 years. We (they) know how CO2 changes constantly. I have no doubt about that.

Analysis of the ice in Antarctica has shown that the measurement of CO2 in the ice gives the same result as the measurements in the air. I have no reason to doubt this either.

The results from Antarctic ice show the CO2 content for 800 000 years. The results from Antarctic ice show the CO2 content for 800,000 years. I found a picture that is 2 years old, it shows slightly smaller but shows the same pattern.

The CO2 increase in the air and in all other places.

The connection between temperature and CO2 can be done by drilling and analyzing bottom segments in the seabed. They can analyze the bottom segment in the same way as they do in the ice in Antarctic. But instead of CO2, they get the temperature changes that have been through the same periods. I have no reason to doubt this either.

How do we know that recent CO2 increases are due to human activities? see
I have no reason to doubt this either.

Knowing this is enough to scare me. Seeing how much scientists know and how they do to get their results has “awakened” me. And it’s reaaaally scary results.

Now comes the difficult one. What will happen because of this?
We have many competent research institutes around the world trying to calculate how the future will be. There are, as you know, many other groups of people who have thoughts of how we go towards difficult or even towards the end of Humus Sapien’s heyday. We can always be a little suspicious of this. In any case, I think we should not give up. But I fear that the changes will be very difficult.

Many people work with many different measures. The future is probably the only thing that can show what “has” helped.

What I can contribute with, in addition to personally changing my behavior patterns, and to try to find the way to change the behavioral pattern of all of us.

Now I have three different ideas to start with;
A total behavioral change. Vision no 1 see https://humanvoices.site/economic-growth-is-replaced-by-personal-trust/
Maintain current behavior and find the level of consumption. no 2 (comes)
A mixture of the above. no 3  (comes)

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but I can’t give up, not yet.

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