Info (evaluation system)

Evaluation system

Influencing and choosing your own future can be done in many different ways.

Influencing and choosing our common future requires that we choose which visions will lead us and our leaders.

The evaluation system helps to make the visions powerful, and powerful visions create pressure. Evaluate and show what vision you think we need.



Give your vote, and ask your friends to evaluate your vision, or vote for the vision you think should be in the first place. Every time someone evaluate the vision it comes in first place and becomes visible.

The power of a vision is in how many people that is behind it.

To choose

Disagree - If you do not agree with the vision
Useful – If you think that the idea is useful even though it does not quite reach to be a vision
Vision okey - If you think that the vision is ok, but miss something.
Very Good Vision - If you think that the vision really says how it should be.

You have the opportunity to change your evaluation, just click on the star you think is right for you.


The stars show the graphical image of the result.

2.7/4  - shows the numeric result. 4/4 is the highest

3 ratings  - shows the number of ratings

Klick on -  3 ratings - and the results for each level will be displayed, as below

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