Global Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability 4 (5)

The proposed model argues that the sovereign states instead of thinking about political heroism and economic sacrifices should develop a comprehensible, pragmatic and a lucid win-win economic model that can be easily accepted by the political parties and then contribute at global level by investing more resources for solving global problems. It believes in the voluntary participation of the nations in solving global problems and making them progressively self responsible and self driven. The institutions proposed here will build the necessary philosophy, frameworks, institutions and diplomatic methods to deal with the decision making systems at both national and international level. Continue reading

United Humanity, Reforming UN and the veto right, UN75 4 (2)

The conceptual model of United Nations reform – “UN 3.0” includes the General Program of Action on UN Reform, consisting of two stages. The first stage for 2020-2025 envisages the transformation of the main organs of the UN – the General Assembly and the Security Council with measures to improve the effectiveness of the management system, address the “veto problem”, problem of financing, improve staff work and administrative and financial control, strengthen UN media, improvement of work with the global civil society. The General Assembly … Continue reading