My doubts have disappeared

The environmental threat it is incredibly complicated if we try to understand all the details and try to make the changes in the level of details. But let’s start from the beginning. Is it a threat? My doubts have disappeared, they have convinced me. This is why: Measurements of the carbon ... Fortsätt läsa

Choosing road to go

Choosing road to go

I want to see if I can create different visions for the Worldwide Status quo. The idea is to do this without thinking too much about what is good or bad. Instead, I want to try to learn more about economic governance, changes in the social interaction (historical), technological changes and ... Fortsätt läsa

Utopia is on the horizon

“Utopia is on the horizon. I go two steps closer; it moves farther away. I walk another ten steps and the horizon runs ten steps further away. No matter how far I go, I never reach out. So what is the point of utopia? The meaning is this: that you ... Fortsätt läsa

When the world goes on tightroap

The world is in balance = + When we have the same speed on our production of articles as it takes the Earth to create new raw materials. + When we replace the damage, we humans create in nature, with new areas with nature that is similar to what is ... Fortsätt läsa

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